Umm... Why is a Kombi Van part of your Business logo?

Well funny you should ask! That is Archie, my 1976 T2 Kombi Van & basically, thats you on top (figuratively speaking). Archie is slow, loud, breaks down occasionally & is a real head turner. But don't you worry, I plan on being on time for your Wedding & not let him steal the any of the spotlight.

Meet your Photographer/Film Maker...

Creativity, love & passion for photo & film is where my inspiration comes from. A self-proclaimed cheeseball, My name is Jacob & I am a Geelong Wedding Photographer/Film maker. I cherish all the happiness & love weddings bring to one another & enjoy nothing more than capturing these moments for you that can last a lifetime, to put it simply…. I love LOVE & capturing this is a great honour for me. With my main base of work surrounding filming & photographing weddings, in my spare time, I like to venture off somewhere into the unknown, usually in my Van with my dog by my side. As an ex tour guide through South East Asia, I am experienced in taking the lead whenever need be & creating a fun & happy, comfortable environment for each couple I shoot. For a more detailed look into my life, feel free to stalk away


Please note*

You are not booking a business with 20 staff, you are booking a personalised experience & most of all, you are booking me. With a limit of x25 weddings per year, I will become your friend before becoming your Photographer, personalising myself with you so I can truely tell your story. I like to get to know each & every couple I shoot helping you feel most comfortable & overall, just having fun on your Wedding day.

Experience-wise, I am sponsored by Sony Australia & have been working closely with them since 2019 in an ongoing partnership. I have a total of x5 years in the industry & a Bachelor of photography. I truly believe, with my set of skills & knowledge of Photography, you wont be in better hands.

I hope my films & images inspire you to reach out & work with me in the near future…

Jacob. x

Wedding photographer geelong

The reason why....?

Why Weddings?

“It brings great joy to myself & everyone else that is a part of the day every time I see a marrying. I'm deeply honoured to be chosen as your Wedding Photographer/Videographer, because there is truly no day that is more special, loving & full of cherishable moments that I feel so lucky to be a part of each & every time.”

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