What is a first look?

There is one tradition that is slowly changing, & from a personal point of view, for the better! That’s whether or not a bride and groom should see each other before their ceremony. I know what you are thinking, “Are you crazy?”, “I wouldn’t even consider that!”. But hear me out for a second….. Here are my top reasons as to why you SHOULD consider a first look.

1. Not seeing each other before the wedding actually isn’t a real thing!

The idea behind this come from the days of arranged marriages when weddings were more about two families coming together as opposed to a couple being in love. The groom was not allowed to see the bride before the wedding just in case he didn’t like her & backed out at the last second.

So technically there is no romance associated with this what so ever.

2. There first time you see each other will be special no matter what!

Way too often, weddings become about the guests & their opinions & less about the actually couple getting married. You could meet each other in a dingy alley way of Melbourne & can guarantee you will have the same emotions for that person if you love them.

Your wedding day is for you, the couple, keep it special & do what suits you.

3. You actually get to enjoy the moment & time with each other!

Unlike waiting until the ceremony, you will actually be able to talk, touch & spend time with one another. Tell her how pretty she looks, tell him how handsome he looks & maybe shed a few tears without having to worry about the 120 people staring at you. This is a moment for the two of you & that can be the most memorable & amazing part of the day.

4. Walking down the aisle will still be as epic!

The groom will still look at his bride exactly the same, she bride will still look at her groom exactly the same, the father will still have his moment & the guests will still be just as excited & none the wiser.

5. Photos!

With your first look done & dusted, from here you can have your family photos, couple photos & intimate moments all done before the ceremony even begins!

6. Time!

You have more time to actually spend time with your guests & be at your wedding, let’s get this straight, you have spent $20k+ on your wedding & as soon as the ceremony is finished, you leave your wedding for x amount of hours for couple photos? Your guests don’t know where you have gone, you are not spending time with your love ones & you are stressed trying to squeeze in photos so you can get back in time for speeches & dinner. Doesn’t sound very fun/relaxing does it?

7. Stress be goneeeee

I mentioned it before, but the time crunch is a big thing! Churches, weather, parks, uncle John who is lost & we are all waiting for him to be in the family photo can all have time limits, this places added stress onto the couple that isn’t needed. See where I’m going here?

8. Yes ladies, you still have time to touch up your makeup post tears!

If you think you are going to cry (Which is fine!) let’s get it out of the way before the ceremony, keep your makeup artist around for an extra hour, why not? Don’t risk your tears at the alter & have your best friend do a quick touch up later on, you have paid a makeup artist to have this done properly, may as well use them up!

9. Nobody ever regrets a first look!

In the time I have spent dedicating my time to this profession, I have never once heard from a couple, or even a story of a couple regret doing a “First look”. I cannot recommend this enough, get the stress out of the way early, get the emotions out, spend them with your loved one as you’re meant to, skip the silly traditions that were not built on love!