Covid 19 & Weddings 2020

The crisp, blue-sky days of March and April normally herald a plethora of weddings Australia-wide. So, from the point of view of madly planning couples and wedding vendors, coronavirus could hardly have hit at a worst time.

If your wedding was scheduled soon, what are your options? While the reality is that total postponement will be the preferred option for many couples, for others, coronavirus could be an opportunity to get creative and create a memorable event.

Could it be that you could still go ahead with at least part of your wedding if not the whole shebang? Let’s take a look.

The Corona Wedding Facts

From midnight March 25, the federal government restricted wedding sizes to a maximum of five people. This includes a celebrant, the couple and two witnesses. In the United States a person can actually officiate their own wedding, but this is not the case in Australia; because the celebrant is legally required to witness to both party’s signatures. What this means is that if you choose to proceed, there’s no wiggle room: your wedding will have a maximum of two guests. Or will it?...

Micro-Wedding can have a Big Audience

Some couples around the world have gone ahead with their big day despite restrictive government measures, and they’ve been able to keep their guests involved, thanks largely to technology. We’re talking about live streaming your wedding. While this option won’t appeal to everyone, it has been a common practice at weddings for a while now, for instance when couples get married in remote locations or older/infirm relatives simply can’t attend. What this means is that the technology is tried and tested and that numerous dedicated platforms exist to enable live streaming of your special day.

The live streaming set-up is not highly complicated either; relying largely on reliable internet. If you want to explore this option, simply ask your photographer/videographer about taking on the role.

Plenty of other options exist to enable your big day to go ahead while keeping your guests involved. Think about arranging pre-recorded speeches, virtual guest books and, if your budget extends to it, mailing out wedding favours prior to the big day.

You could even ask your guests to dress in the clothes they intended to wear to the wedding and live stream or photograph mini-celebrations within their own homes.

The Advantages of a Micro Wedding

If you dislike being the centre of attention, or have a challenging family, coronavirus may just be a wedding blessing! You’re no longer obligated to invite extended family out of politeness and your wedding day jitters will be significantly reduced as a result of the intimate gathering.

As well as this, many wedding vendors will be happy to overlook contracts and to work with you to make sure your wedding goes ahead under the new conditions. Your new, simplified wedding could mean your wedding expenses drop significantly.

Need to Postpone?

Micro-weddings are not for everyone. Many couples have invested too much into their wedding to feel comfortable with a massive scale-down. Other couples simply won’t be able to countenance a wedding without their closest family members and friends physically present! If that’s the case for you, consider how you can best go about postponing your big day. The following suggestions are just a starting point:

·        The impact on wedding vendors of corona-induced mass cancellations and postponements has been immense. Consider helping your vendors out by creating an online poll of alternative dates and asking them to cast their vote. Offering flexibility could also mean your vendors are more likely to be available in the post-corona wedding-rush

·        Host a mini-celebration on your original wedding date. This is an especially appealing option if the date holds special significance for you as a couple. You could invite three of your nearest and dearest and host a mini-version of your planned wedding day, complete with a tiny wedding cake and even a photo shoot to mark the occasion

·        Your wedding doesn’t necessarily have to take place all on the one day. Spread out the fun! Consider proceeding with the legal document signing process, involving a celebrant and the original wedding venue, and then postpone your reception and vows until post-corona

However the corona virus has affected your wedding plans, at Jacob Heston Weddings we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your photography and videography ideas.