10 Great Shots

1. Bride arriving with father (or person elected to give bride away)

2. Bride, father & bridesmaids ahead of the ceremony

3. Bride and father walking inside the isle

4. Bride and Groom together for first time

5. Bride & Groom the kiss

6. Bride & Groom signing the register

7. Bride & Groom walking around the isle

8. Bride & Groom posing full length

9. Bride & Groom with parents

10. Bride & Groom cutting the cake

10 Great Tips for Photographers & Videographers

1. Camera & Back-up. Be sure your camera is working!, really, have you checked it lately! and make sure you’ve got or get access to a backup one if required.

2. Batteries. Are they charged up? Have you got two or three sets of spare? You might just need them, OK, you might not but imagine your just getting to the 1st dance as well as the batteries go!

3. Memory cards / Films. Get plenty, it’s all very cheep and if your not employing a professional you’ll be saving 100’s anyway! As with batteries, you wouldn’t want to find the camera out for the initial dance in order to find. . . . . . . . .

4. Camera Settings. Do do you know what they actually do? Take just 5 minutes, together with your coffee in the morning maybe to merely go through them, you will most probably get through it in just a week, as well as the things you’ll learn will likely not just surprise you but assist you in all your photography from weddings to snapshots with the Dog!.

5. Location Use the best locations you’ve got, if that means driving ten mins to the park, then get it done!, the photos will likely be around for generations to come to pay ten mins visiting a good spot don’t be satisfied with a rubbish location when you can easily arrive at an improved one.

6. Whether Be ready, this is one you’ve no treatments for!, and when you are doing please give me a call I’ve got a good plan. . . . . Seriously though, when it does rain, never allow this drown the great spirits, apply it to your advantage!

Have 2 umbrellas in the car allows you to perform 3 things :

1. Give you to definitely bride and Groom to keep them out in the rain, or possess the Best man or Chief bridesmaid or both even perhaps with one each hold them even though they are in the rain!

2. Hold one your self, this will make you stay out in the rain and you got it dry.

3. You’ll get some terrific shots of the Bride and Groom while it’s raining.

7. People Obvious yes. but as to make sure about people, capture many individuals shots. Especially unaware ones, select something more important than asking these to say cheese!

8. Smile Although you simply won’t want all big cheesy smiles on all of the shots, one in the best ways to get people to smile would be to simply smile by yourself! one way that may receive the smiles out is usually to inquire further never to smile if you are smiling.

9. Back up your projects today backup is cheep and essential. As soon as you can backup your shots

10. Enjoy the Day!, it's being married, your'e there to enjoy the marriage too, not only have the photos, unless your'e just there to get the photos, though still, enjoy your self, you’ll relax many it is going to show within your photos.