Pampas grass...

The biggest floral trend on weddings these days is not exactly a flower, but actually (drum roll, please…) a grass! If you started to plan your wedding and, like most brides, are all over Pinterest and instagram, you probably already now what I’m talking about. That’s right, Pampas Grass! Also known as Cortaderia Selloana by our scientist friends.

This tall, fluffy, feather-like plant was last popular on the 70’s and is now making its way back to a huge number of wedding celebrations around the world.


Although it can be associated with more of a boho or rustic style wedding, this ornamental grass is extreme versatile and it has been successfully incorporated on all types of themes, like beach, romantic, contemporary and even modern.

Not only pampas grass go well with a variety of decor styles, its natural wheat color has a neutral tone that matches every wedding color scheme.

Instant Statement

These lovely plums make a huge statement on the wedding decor, adding high, volume, texture and A LOT of drama.

You can use them as the main star of your event, creating outstanding ceremony backdrops or arches, aisle decorations, unique centerpieces, stunning ceiling installations, bouquets or you can choose to use it as a filling element, combining it with fresh flowers or greeneries and have a more soft / romantic look.

Pampas Grass Availability

Pampas grass can be used fresh or dried. Dried pampas grass can be found all year round, mostly online. Etsy is a great vendor source as well as the good friends at Bryants Buds

It’s important to be aware that due to high demand, vendors can work with small inventory, so plan ahead. A great tip is to buy dried pampas grass in bulks little by little and store it at home (since it can last up to 3 years!). This way you can make smaller payments during the period of your wedding planning and guarantee you will have the number you want to use for your big day, plus they will make your house look fabulous!

As always, talk to your florist to see what is the best approach for your special day.