Isolation & love

Being forced to spend all day, every day in isolation is not exactly a barrel of laughs for many of us. However every cloud has a silver lining, and when it comes to your special someone, it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunities COVID-19 restrictions offer to actually strengthen your relationship. How so?

We’ve listed some of our favourite ideas below:

·      Say Hello to Shared Breakfasts

One of the big perks of COVID-19 restrictions, in Australia at least, has been the opportunity for exhausted commuters to catch up on some much-needed extra shut-eye. What does this mean for you and your partner? You can actually plan an enjoyable breakfast together after a proper night’s rest! Say goodbye to bleary-eyed chugs of coffee with your partner, while you both stagger around finding your shoes. And say hello to quality brekky time. Put as much effort in as you like; consider healthier options, squeeze fresh juice, make waffles - whatever takes your fancy! 

·      Try Online Dance Classes

So, many of us have got more downtime to try something new during COVID right? Online dance classes have exploded in popularity during COVID-19 restrictions and they represent a great way to connect with your special someone. If you’re the type of person who’s scared to attend actual dance classes, the online option will be right up your ally!

·      Embrace Laid-back Date-nights

Going out for dinner can be seriously over-rated: the hassle, the makeup, the last minute restaurant bookings and taxi fares; oh we are getting tired just talking about it 😉. COVID-19 gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in the laziest possible date night imaginable – order delivery from your favourite restaurant, light a few candles and scroll Netflix for the perfect movie. If you’re missing the dressing-up part, don’t let the fact that you’re cooped up at home stop you from pulling out your wardrobe favourites, try virtual double-dating with another cooped-up couple.

What if You Can’t Meet in Person?

For those couples divided by state lines, COVID-19 presents extra challenges but luckily there are plenty of ways to stay in touch without actually touching! Beyond taking advantage of tech options for communicating, here are a couple of our favourite ideas for maintaining remote relationships:

·       Get inspired by Australian couples separated by war by checking out stories like this one. If you have friends or relatives who’ve experienced physical separation, ask them about their methods for keeping in touch. Who knows; you might rather enjoy going old-school and exchanging long, romantic love letters by snail mail!

·       Know that the old axiom ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is backed up by scientific evidence. A 2007 Finnish study, which relied on data mining mobile phone records, found that just like elephants and bonobos humans invest more in relationships when there is a risk of the relationship weakening. Plus a study published in 2013 suggested that long distance romantic relationships are of equal or even more trust and satisfaction than their geographically close counterparts.

·       Try virtual dating – take a virtual tour of some of the world’s best museums like the Louvre in Paris or, out-wit your partner in a virtual escape room, like this Harry Potter themed one.

Whatever helps you and your partner get through COVID-19, we hope to see you on the other side for your special day.

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