The right time...

Your wedding can be one of the best days of your life but there are plenty of important decisions to make before you get there! One of the most critical decisions you’ll need to make early on is the date of your wedding. Once you know this you can start planning in earnest. But how to choose the best date? Let’s start first by helping you narrow it down to a time of year…

What is the Best Time of Year to get Married?

Every couple has different circumstances and personal preferences, however, being aware of when other couples prefer to get hitched can help you to decide what is the right time of year for you.


A 2018 survey of 4,100 respondents found most Australian couples avoid winter like the plague, with only about 12% of couples choosing chilly nuptials. Who wants to be shivering in a strapless wedding gown?!

However, if you live in northern or coastal Australia, a winter wedding might be your number one choice. Keep in mind too, that because winter is the slowest season for weddings, you’ll more likely be able to secure the venue, photographer, caterer etc of your choosing & at a much cheaper price.


December has traditionally proved unpopular for weddings with a teensy 2% of respondents in this survey opting to tie the knot during the silly season. However, a full 22% of respondents still opted for a summer wedding in the new year & the months before it.


Almost 40% of respondents favoured an Autumn ceremony, with 19% of that cohort selecting the month of March. This is in keeping with what is already well established in Australia, Summer through to Autumn is wedding season! What this means is obviously you’ll want to be very organised in terms of selecting your date well in advance to ensure you can beat the competition to secure your favourite venue.  


A full 27% of respondents chose spring for their special occasion in this survey. Spring is popular Australia-wide, and it also has a symbolic connection with new life, which appeals to many couples starting their new life together.

The Best Time of Year for Gorgeous Wedding Pics?

At Jacob Heston Weddings we find Autumnal light and golden/red treescapes produce some of the most beautiful photos imaginable. Winter too offers beautiful soft light and the advantage of a very low likelihood of rain (although a wedding setting sparkling with raindrops can also make for some stunning pics).

Spring weddings of course offer the best in the way of vibrant, freshly picked flowers, plus a  spring wedding is ideal for an outdoor setting, meaning you can make the most of gorgeous flowering plants as a background for your photos too. Summer too has its fair share of beauty that will translate well into photos. From the point of view of capturing the moment, we’d recommend an afternoon summer wedding, extending into the evening so the light is dreamier and more atmospheric.

Pinning down a Date

Hopefully, the suggestions above have helped you clarify which season/month you’d like to celebrate your wedding; now what about that exact date?

Are You Superstitious?

Weddings are filled with superstitious traditions around dates which vary from culture to culture. In China many wedding venues will actually increase their fees for couples marrying on auspicious dates! Dates with the number 8 are considered especially lucky while various other numbers when paired are said to provide the best prospects for the couple.

Some couples will select their wedding date based at least in part on their astrological signs. Still, others will avoid the unlucky number 13. Old English folklore tells us that a Saturday wedding is very unlucky while the Old Testament seems to endorse a Tuesday wedding.

Whatever your particular beliefs, you’ll be able to find plenty of resources online to guide you in choosing the date which feels the luckiest to you.

Is Practicality Your Middle Name?

If fitting in with your star sign doesn’t concern you, the first thing you’ll want to do is find out what dates your preferred venue has available. Once you know this you can take other factors into consideration including:

·       Major events nearby ­­­­– the last thing you want is the Grand Prix kicking off on your wedding date! Big events obviously impact the availability of other services you require, most notably accommodation for out-of-town guests

·       The special crew’s availability - Ensuring the most important members of your family and friendship circle will be free is critical. While most people will move mountains to attend your special day it doesn’t hurt checking they don’t have an overseas trip (or another wedding!) already booked

·       Public holidays – while there is often stiff competition for wedding dates during public holiday weekends, it’s worth finding out if you can incorporate one into your wedding. This gives you, your partner, and your guests more time to relax and to travel to and from the venue

Whatever date you choose, I’ll do my best to make it special at Jacob Heston Weddings. Contact today to confirm availability.