It’s your special day and you want to revel in it; but with the average Australian wedding costing $53,000*, it pays to get smart on how to save dollars.

So let’s take a look at our top 10 tips to save you money on your big day.

1.    Get Alternative with Your Venue

Venue hire is the biggest cost associated with most weddings. The average venue cost for Australian weddings is $21,958* (including catering, decorating, staff hire etc). If you want to save big, venue selection is your starting point. Look online for alternative wedding venues, or suss out whether a friend or family member has a picturesque property that could provide the perfect, unique wedding setting. The downside of selecting an affordable venue, is that there there’s likely to be a larger DIY component. On that note; see our next tip:

2.    Enlist the Help of Family and Friends

Chances are your close friends and family would love to be involved in your wedding in some way. While you want to maintain control, why not create a list of your friends’ and family’s talents and skills and match them up with wedding tasks? For instance, maybe you have an artistic friend with an eye for detail – ask him if he’d be willing to arrange flower bouquets for you. Flowers bought in un-styled bunches from local markets can save you thousands of dollars.

3.    Up-Cycle Your Dress

 Wedding dresses are another big ticket item, costing brides on average $5260*. If you’re comfortable with wearing a pre-worn dress, numerous websites offer gorgeous dresses at drastically reduced prices. Prefer something new? Consider looking for a designer on hand-made sites like Etsy or, purchasing a simple evening dress and enlisting a tailor to give it wow factor.

4.    Dare to Offend!

On average Australian couples invite 97 guests to their wedding; that’s a lot of mouths to feed, a sizeable venue needed and a hefty drinks tab to boot! If you’re open to the idea of going small, think about the people you really want to be there with you for your special day and restrict the invites to this treasured group.

5.    Go Digital

When it comes to using online wedding invitations and thank you notes, there are some beautiful, classy options out there. The added benefit is some sites enable you to keep track of invitations as well, plus make updates where needed, so you can save time as well as money!

6.     Tradition isn’t Everything!

There is likely some things you and your partner don’t really care about either way; which means you can exclude these items from your wedding budget. For instance maybe neither of you likes cake – break with tradition and (gasp) forgo the wedding cake!

7.     Budget for a Function

Unfortunately some vendors will raise prices when they hear the word ‘wedding’. It’s worthwhile to request an itemised quote based on a fictional celebration (e.g. a christening or 50th birthday). Once you’ve got your quote, fess up it’s for a wedding. If the vendor raises prices on you; you’re in a position to determine if the increase is justifiable.

8.     Trade in Kind

Depending on your skill set; you may be able to strike a deal with local businesses wherein they provide services for your wedding, in return for an investment of your time and skill in their business.

 9.     Say No to Presents

Saying no to presents might not sound like a way to save money, but doing so can motivate people to participate in your wedding who might otherwise not be prepared to do so. If your third cousin’s uncle doesn’t have to spend $100 buying you a soup tureen,  he may be more willing act as an usher!

10.  Finally…Why Not Save Your Guests Money Too!

Depending on where you’re situated, consider country venues for your wedding. Not only will you likely pay less for the venue itself, your guests will be able to find more affordably priced accommodation as well.

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